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February 1, 2014

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How to prepare for a video job interview

Neil Amato

CGMA Magazine online

What’s proper attire for a Skype interview? … Jenny Quinnette, CPA, CGMA, said that video interviews tell her more about a job candidate’s “professional poise” than a phone interview would. “You get a better understanding of their mannerisms and how they carry themselves in a professional environment,” said Quinnette, who has interviewed candidates in her role as director of investment finance at 40|86 Advisors.

She said companies should get comfortable with video as a way to screen candidates and to be seen as tech-savvy.

“The expense savings is a bonus, but I also think it’s a method of technology, particularly if you’re recruiting younger candidates, that they’re familiar with,” she said. “As it comes to how you best connect with your candidates, these platforms are the wave of that generation.”

Quinnette echoed some of McDonald’s advice to job-seekers about attire and background and added four tips:

  • Don’t slouch or fidget. Body language can show an interviewer plenty about a candidate, including lack of interest. Keep that pen you like to click out of reach.
  • If using Skype, have a professional username. An inappropriate Skype name can sabotage even the strongest résumé.
  • Test, test, test. In addition to testing how you look and sound in advance with a friend, Quinnette said it’s a good idea to make sure you’re coming through loud and clear on the company’s end for the interview. Quinnette recommends asking the recruiter to help you connect five minutes early to test sound and video quality before being introduced to the hiring manager.
  • Be ready for Plan B. All the testing in the world won’t mean the technology works when it’s time to answer questions. Quinnette says to have the interviewer’s contact information handy in case it’s necessary to switch to a phone interview.

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April 4, 2013


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When Eric Johnson joined CNO Financial, it was a failing company still called Conseco, and he faced a rebuilding task on the asset management side. He is an executive vice president and CIO as well as president of 4086 Advisors, a CNO subsidiary.

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